American Sophomore

Man On The Run

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Book Description

American Sophomore is a biographical novel about James Hogue the runner, conman and prisoner. Hogue was a conman who tricked his way into Princeton University under a false identity.

The remarkable thing about Hogue was that he was a talented runner, and could have made a career close to his favorite sport, if not directly on the track, for his entire life. But his expectations for himself as an athlete were so high, he kept on desiring to reach higher levels of perfection.

This compulsion led to Hogue assuming various false identities and casting himself frequently as younger than he was – all to reach a pinnacle of physical and intellectual self-esteem.

The novel is called American Sophomore because of Hogue’s penchant for returning to former schools in order to fulfill his running fantasy. We all need second chances…for James Hogue, becoming an elite runner became an obsession.