Rising Apes, Falling Angels

Tales of Fortune and Misfortune


Trio 1, The Man in the Gray Tie and Other Crimes

"The Man in the Gray Tie"

Have You Ever Gambled and Won Something You Couldn't Afford?

Video 1, "The Man in the Gray Tie"


"(He) Said, (She) Said"

Have You Ever Crossed a Line of Decency You Shouldn't Have?

Video 2, "(He) Said, (She) Said"


"The Last Page of Friendship"

Would You Go Into Business With Your Best Friend?

Video 3, "The Last Page of Friendship"


Trio 2, A Slice of the Adirondacks and Other Capers

"A Slice of the Adirondacks"

Have You Ever Left Your Kids With Babysitters and Worried?

Video 4, "A Slice of the Adirondacks"


"Betting the Kitchen Sink"

Ever Dreamed of Nearly Winning the Lottery?

Video 5, "Betting the Kitchen Sink"



Would You Go Out Fishing in a Boat Called a Deadrise?

Video 6, "Deadrise"


Trio 3, Driving the Bully Home and Other Dreams

"Driving the Bully Home"

Ever Wondered Why The Bus Driver Doesn't Intervene?

Video 7, "Driving the Bully Home"


"Obituary Girls"

Would You Work the Night Shift Alongside These Girls?

Video 8, "Obituary Girls"


"The Fourth Link on the Back Nine"

What If Your Friends Wanted to Damage More than Your Golf Handicap?

Video 9, "The Fourth Link on the Back Nine"